SIG-N​​OC: Network Operations​ Centres​

Sharing and creating common best practices for the organisation and management of Network Operations Centres

The Special Interest Group on Network Operations Centres (SIG-NOC) brings together NOC managers, developers, operators, controllers and project managers as well as network engineers involved in the integration and optimisation of NOC-specific tools, workflows and processes.


SIG-NOC facilitates knowledge exchange and collaboration, with participants discussing common issues, sharing experience, and developing common best practices.


Today's NOC functions are essential, costly, and critical in respect of national research and education networking (NREN) organisations' main business, as well as of regional, metropolitan and campus network providers and infrastructure development projects. There is extreme diversity in NOC organisation, structure, and roles with a lack of common practices related to day-to-day NOC operations.  The SIG-NOC aims to help the community to face such challenges.

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​​​Learn more about this activity and how to get involved in meetings and discussions. Visit the SIG-NOC wiki page.


Steering Committee:

Jonny Lundin (NORDUnet)

Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo (CSUC)

Ana Medina Barahona (RedIRIS)

Ivana Golub (PSNC)

Tony Barber (GÉANT)

Magda Haver (GÉANT)

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