WiFiMon: Wireless Crowdsourced Performance Monitoring and Verification – Privacy Notice

This page gives an example of a privacy notice that may be provided to users of a service where WiFiMon is in use.  It is provided for guidance only, and such notices should always be reviewed by an organisation’s data privacy / GDPR teams before publication.

What is WiFiMon?

WiFiMon is a tool that is able to capture and record measurements and export statistics on the quality of a Wi-Fi network as perceived by the end user experience and from a number of fixed hardware probes. In the former case the measurements are initiated by the end users—without their intervention—after they visit a specific webpage (from which code to run the measurements is transparently downloaded and run) or use a mobile application. WiFiMon aims to give a clear understanding of the Wi-Fi network conditions by measuring specific parameters of the network, such as download/upload throughput, and correlate these measurements with user (client) data to obtain performance information per access point, per user.


How it works?  

WiFiMon, a "crowd sourced network management" tool, works by using two methods to gather the performance monitoring data: 1) gathering performance data from active measurements between dedicated hardware probe(s) and a dedicated webserver and 2) gathering performance data from the active measurement between the users' mobile device (phone, laptop, tablet) and a dedicated webserver, which only runs when the user accesses a specific web page from which code is transparently downloaded and executed. The webserver is typically located near to or at the institution where the Access Points (APs) are located. Performance measurements are done using well known test tools: nettest, boomerang and HTML5. In order to be able to provide detailed per-AP performance statistics, we correlate the performance measurement results with the logs of the RADIUS server which handles eduroam (authentication) authorisation at the venue.


Why We Process Personal Data?

Most WiFi monitoring services merely provide information on the availability of the WiFi and some technical parameters like signal strength,but they can't measure the actual performance of the service or get the information about the users' perception of the service.  A poorly performing WiFi service affects user experiences and can also be a trigger for IT to investigate wider performance issues.  But how can Performance Monitoring & Verification work in a situation where users are, by definition, mobile?

Within eduroam, statistics are reported, but a quality statement about the performance behaviour on the network is lacking: delays and bandwidth from a client (user device) perspective on the campus WLAN. The missing reporting element is the performance measurement and verification of users' behaviour on the wireless campus network (performance per AP/user), called end user feedback. This is important, as it will provide a complementary view to the objective measurements by hardware probes, infrastructure information and end user feedback. This is the aim of WifiMon – to provide those measurements and improve wifi performance.


What Personal Data We Process?

During this process and in order to improve your WiFi experience, we may collect your:

a.      IP address

b.      MAC address. 

c.      Time stamp valid session (the time of the measurement).


Legal basis:

We process your personal data on the basis of legitimate interest consisting in helping to improve network performance and verification using WiFIMon, which is not overriding your rights nor freedoms.


Data Controller

<Insert details of the organisation operating the WiFiMon service here>

<insert contact email here>


For how long we will retain your personal data?  

After a month (30 days), personal data will be deleted.


Your Rights

You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • You have the right to request access to your data;
  • You have the right to ask us to rectify information;
  • You have the right to ask us to erase your personal information;
  • You have the right to object to your data being processed.

Please note that in order that we can process with exercise of any of the above rights we will need that you will provide your IP address – otherwise it is technically impossible for us to process your request.

In order to exercise those rights please contact: <insert contact email here>

You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the Supervisory Authority in your country: