GÉANT’s vision is to provide users equal, high-performance network access to the research infrastructures and e-infrastructure resources

The GÉANT projects are a fundamental element of the Research and Education e-infrastructure. Through its integrated catalogue of connectivity, collaboration and identity services, GÉANT, together with its National Research and Education Network (NREN) partners, provides users with unconstrained access to communication, computing, analysis, storage, applications and other resources, whenever and wherever needed.

Supporting the knowledge community

By interconnecting Europe’s NRENs and facilitating high-speed links with other global regions, GÉANT connects schools, universities and the world’s largest research projects, enabling scientific discoveries, supporting remote learning and upskilling communities.

​Developing services for a rapidly changing world
​GÉANT’s range of user-focused connectivity, collaboration and identity services remain vitally important to research and education.

GÉANT Network
Delivering 3.65 exabytes of traffic to R&E.

4 billion authentications in 106 countries.

Federated access to worldwide resources.

Secure remote access facilities for R&E.

Managing Virtual Teams made easy.