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Strategy and Values D​oc​​uments

GÉANT Association Strategy 2021–26 A3 Poster

GÉANT Association Strategy 2021–26

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GÉANT Values - What does GÉANT mean to you?

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Publications ​

The GÉANT project (GN4-3 and GN4-3N) highlights
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GÉANT Association Compendium of national research and education networking (NREN) organisations in Europe - 2019 Edition
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GÉANT Annual Report 2019

GÉANT Annual Report 2018

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GÉANT Annual Report 2017

GÉANT Annual Report 2016

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GÉANT Annual Review 2015

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GÉANT Annual Review 2014

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Global Dat​a​ Sharing for Earth Observation brochure

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E-infrastructure Collaborations brochure 

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GÉANT Environmental Policy

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GÉANT Interconnection Policy

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SIG-NOC  Tools Survey 2016

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GÉANT Support for Horizon 2020 Projects

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White P​​​apers, Milestones, Position Papers and Other Documents

27 May 2021
White Paper: GIX Implementation Based on White Box
This document describes the implementation of a Global Internet Exchange point (GIX) based on white box hardware and a commercial network operating system, OcNOS. The objectives of the project were to renew the GIX with the same set of features, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, increase independence from traditional network vendors, and provide flexibility with regard to future Layer 2 core architecture options, which were successfully met.
26 May 2021
White Paper: OAV Architectures
The advancement of orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV) technologies drives the transition from traditional architectures to agile solutions that can respond to the digital transformation demands. The GN4-3 Network Technologies and Services Development Work Package (WP6), Network Services Evolution and Development Task (T2) has analysed the requirements for building collaborative digital services and proposes a high-level reference architecture that can help the community design and implement their digital platforms in an interoperable way. The flexibility of the proposed blueprint architecture is presented by mapping it against different architectural solutions proposed by standardisation bodies and research projects.

28 April 2021
White Box Performance Testing and Evaluation
This document describes how NRENs can test the performance of white boxes, and specifically their control plane (i.e. number of routes) and forwarding performance.

14 April 2021
Internet certificate regulation in Europe – GÉANT Position Statement
15 March 2021
M6.8 Self-Service Portal Development: Next Steps
User experiences and feedback on the functionalities of the self-service portal since it was rolled out in production to be used for management of the GÉANT Connection Service have been collected and refined into a prioritised list of requirements for new features and extensions. This document reviews the design and implementation steps defined in the self-service development roadmap to respond to the user requirements that were identified.
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​25 February 2021
In-Band Network Telemetry Tests in NREN Networks
This document reports the conclusions drawn and lessons learned from the study and implementation of In-Band Network Telemetry (INT) carried out by the DPP sub-task of WP6 T1.
27 January 2021
OAV - Towards Collaborative Digital Services
This pamphlet about Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV) is aimed at NRENs and R&E organisations who are on a digital transformation journey, seeking to use digital platforms in an agile way - embracing automation, modularity and flexibility to gain more efficient provisioning, and configuration consistency. A collaborative approach across the GÉANT community can bring additional benefits through sharing of knowledge and experience. To this end, the pamphlet provides an overview of the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA), a reference framework which provides a common understanding and generality in an environment where each NREN is free to choose its own path towards OAV - including architecture, design and implementation.
20 January 2021
Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation Terminology Version 1.1
This document provides a list of terms and abbreviations in the context of orchestration, automation and virtualisation. Definitions were provided based on standardisation documents whenever possible, some also extended to reflect the understanding of the terms as used by a large number of NRENs in the GÉANT community. As of version 1.1, the document has also been adopted by the GNA-G Network Automation working group as their reference terminology.

19 January 2021
Quantum Technologies Status Overview
This document presents an overview and principles of current quantum technologies: services, use cases (including Quantum Key Distribution), projects, initiatives and challenges. It also covers technology testing opportunities, initiatives and strategies for the GÉANT and NREN communities.
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16 December 2020

Zero-Footprint Monitoring

Zero-footprint monitoring is monitoring performed without the use of additional dedicated hardware elements. This document describes a set of new network element features that enable scalable and vendor-independent network service performance verification. It is written in a cookbook style and describes the use of standard protocols on network elements and virtual services on top of network elements, as well as the use of streaming telemetry for result transportation towards result repositories.

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14 December 2020
Milestone M3.3 (M49) Stakeholder Engagement Plan Y2 Update
This document provides an update to the GN4-3 Stakeholder Engagement Plan introduced in early 2020. It presents an overview of the adoption and implementation of the engagement plans, methodology and instruments to date, and of the adjustments carried out over the course of 2020. 
09 December 2020
SURFnet OAV Architecture Analysis
This document analyses the mapping of the SURFnet architecture to the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture, as part of the GN4-3 project’s ongoing activity in the Network Technologies and Service Development’s work package to provide a standardised view of the components and implementations of orchestration, automation and virtualisation within the NRENs. Overall, it can be concluded that the SURFnet OAV architecture, although independently developed, is very much aligned to the ODA’s core principles and design concepts.
GN4-3_White-Paper_CYNET_OAV_Architecture_Analysis_thumb.png​09 December 2020
CYNET OAV Architecture Analysis
This document undertakes an analysis of CYNET’s network architecture components. It does so by comparing the current status to the TMForum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA), which is the reference architecture selected by the GN4-3 project’s Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV) focus group within the Network Technologies and Services Development Work Package. The analysis can help to further develop the potential for CYNET to be compatible with future OAV multi-domain processes and workflows throughout Europe.
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09 December 2020
Data Transfer Node (DTN) Tests on the GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS)
Many research projects need to transfer large amounts of data and use specialised Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) to optimise the efficiency of these transfers.  In order to help NRENs to better support user communities who seek to move large volumes of data across their network, a DTN Focus Group was set up in the Network Technologies and Services Development work package (WP6) of the GN4-3 project, which has performed several activities around DTN deployment, the results of which are summarised in this document.
28 August 2020
Milestone M3.2 NREN Survey Distributed, Data Collected and Reporting Website Updated Version 2
This document presents the key findings of the 2019 NREN Compendium survey, as confirmation that the survey has been distributed, data collected and reporting website updated, in fulfilment of Milestone M3.2.
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10 August 2020
White Paper: Time and Frequency
This document presents the distribution of time and frequency services and existing projects in several European national research and education networks, which are members of the GÉANT 4-3 project.
31 July 2020
M1.4 (M40) Training Workplan: Period 2
This document provides a summary forecast of training and professional development activities for the period from May 2020 to August 2021 in GN4-3 WP1 T5 Human Capital Development.
24 June 2020
M7.2 (M38) SCS Service Definition
This document defines a reference model and service definition for the Spectrum Connection Service (SCS) to be offered in the GÉANT Association and NREN networks.

24 April 2020
White Box CPE
This document describes a white box technology pilot run for a high-school network in Normandy, France. It shows how a white box x86 server can be used as a CPE router, including the requirements, design and results obtained from the devices installed in the production network. It also explores the concept of NFV for potential future implementations.
20 April 2020
White Paper: White Box Total Cost of Ownership
White box technology offers an opportunity for network operators in the NREN and R&E community to gain a certain level of independence from vendors as it prevents lock-in to a specific hardware or software vendor or platform. Beyond the strategic interest in a white box approach, there is an expectation of a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a white box router or network device. This document describes the different components of that cost and gives guidance on how to calculate the TCO.
08 April 2020
Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation Terminology
This document provides a list of terms and abbreviations in the context of orchestration, automation and virtualisation. Definitions were provided based on standardisation documents whenever possible, some also extended to reflect the understanding of the terms as used by a large number of NRENs in the GÉANT community.
02 March 2020
Campus Network Management Service Definition Template Checklist (GN4-3)
This document is a service definition template that can be edited and adapted by anyone who wants to offer campus network management as a service to their end-institutions, and to produce their own service definition and contract documents. Relevant topics to consider when writing a document based on the template are also included.
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nren_survey_2019.jpgNovember 2019 
Title: 2019 NREN Satisfaction Survey – Summary of Findings
Description: A presentation summarising the results of the seventh NREN Satisfaction Survey, covering the GÉANT organisation, the GN4-2/GN4-3 project, GÉANT network operations, the GÉANT service portfolio and GÉANT collaboration and community activities. The Survey objective was to assess the NRENs’ satisfaction with GÉANT’s operations, services and activities, to help GÉANT better understand the community’s needs and where to focus efforts in the future.

31 May 2019
Milestone M5.2 Service Roadmaps
The Trust and Identity Work Package (WP5) is responsible for delivering services from the T&I portfolio, for their operations, providing support and further development. This milestone captures the Trust & Identity service roadmaps for the first two years of the project, focusing on the plans for their development and enhancement.
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30 April 2019
Milestone M5.1 Enabling Communities Engagement Plan (GN4-3)
This document provides an overview of the outreach plan for the trust and identity services which fall under Work Package 5 of the GN4-3 project. A description of the ‘enabling communities’ task and the functional flow of information on leads generated by the outreach activities is also presented.
26 September 2017

Milestone M9.2 Assessment of DP Legislation Implications (GN4-2)

This white paper assesses and summarises the implications of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the eduGAIN interfederation service and its different parts.
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