SIG-NOC survey of network operation software tools is open


The GÉANT special interest group on network operation centres (SIG-NOC) invites the community to provide information about the software tools that NOCs use to operate networks and services. An online survey is available at

This exercise builds on a previous survey in 2012, which asked a broader range of questions. The new survey repeats only the NOC tools part because SIG-NOC realised that the tools and techniques used by NOCs have progressed a lot since the previous survey.

The new survey can be completed either by NOCs responsible for network operations or by NOCs responsible for both network and service operations. As the survey is mainly focusing on tools and operations practices, it is recommended that it should be filled out by someone who has a complete overview of NOC operations.

The survey covers 15 major NOC functionalities: monitoring, problem management, performance management, reporting and statistics, ticketing, change management, configuration management and backup, communication, coordination and chat, knowledge management and documentation, security management, inventory management, resource management, out-of-band access, data aggregation, representation and visualisation, and DDoS mitigations.

If your NOC is responsible for a particular function, you will be asked to indicate the importance and usefulness of the particular software tools for the given NOC function. Please, only mark those tools that your NOC has first-hand experience of.

The final question is about the standard compliance level of your NOC. SIG-NOC needs this information in order to design a suitable training programme for the community.

“Thank you for participating in the survey. Your feedback is important!”
Peter Szegedi (GEANT), SIG-NOC secretary

Further information

Find out more about SIG-NOC activities.

The first NOC survey was carried out in 2012 by the group when it was known as TERENA TF-NOC. That survey had a wide scope covering the NOC taxonomy, structures, resources, tools and other aspects. Vew the results of the 2012 NOC survey.