​GÉANT’s ‘Real-time’ activities take off together


2 June 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Force on Web Real-time-Communications (TF-WebRTC) held its second meeting on 19-21 May 2015, back-to-back with the first meeting of the GÉANT Project (GN4-1) activity on Real-Time Applications and Multimedia Management (SA8). The events were hosted by NIIF/Hungarnet in Budapest, Hungary, and this co-location created an excellent opportunity to harmonise NREN (national research and education networking organisation) roadmaps for WebRTC involvement and to define areas where the GÉANT collaboration can help at a European scale.



Participants of the second TF-WebRTC meeting exchange the latest developments in web-based communications. 


The TF-WebRTC meeting welcomed some prestigious industry speakers, such as Alex Eleftheriadis, (Chief Scientist and co-founder of Vidyo), Dr. Cullen Jennings (Cisco, co-chair of the IETF RTCWeb working group), John-Mark Bell (Pexip) and Luis Lopez Fernandez (Kurento) and discussions flourished.


Real-Time Application and Multimedia Management teams

Twenty-three people from thirteen organisations discussed their forthcoming work on video-conferencing, web-based real-time communications and on multi-media open-education applications. During this kick-off meeting, service development team members shared their vision and discussed service concepts, current technical developments and key objectives to be achieved by the end of GN4 phase 1. Three service architectural concepts were drafted and eighteen individual actions were agreed and assigned to be followed up by the task leaders in the near term.


Next steps

The WebRTC working area is very popular. A Birds of a Feather (BoF) meeting will be held in Porto, Portugal, on Tuesday 16 June at this year’s networking conference, TNC15, for everyone who’s heard of WebRTC and wants to know more. More information and registration for this event are on the TNC15 website.


More information

For more information about TF-WebRTC, please visit the TF-WebRTC homepage, or email the task force chair, Mészáros Mihály.


The secretary of TF-WebRTC is also the leader of the GN4-1 SA8 activity and can be contacted about any of these work areas: Peter Szegedi.