​Network Performing Arts Production workshop breaks new ground


12 May 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Network Performing Arts Production (NPAP) workshop that was held in London, UK, on 4-6 May 2015 was a great success. For the first time ever, around 350 members of the public joined the workshop participants for a ground-breaking evening performance by students from the Royal College of Music, where the workshop was also held. The workshop attracted more participants than any of the previous events in this long-running series. A record number of technologies used, performances given, use cases discussed, and artists and networkers involved were also achieved in the three day event.


The workshop programme included sessions where the latest networking technology was shown and explained in combination with live performances, one of which was a multi-site dance performance with on-site dancers from Liverpool, remote dancers from Miami, USA, and musicians from Edinburgh, all using the Visimeet video conferencing technology.


In addition to live demonstrations, the workshop participants joined in hands-on sessions with the largest collection of specialist arts and music streaming technologies ever assembled, such as 4K Gateway technology of CESNET, which was used to create a 10G connection between London and Prague.


Round-table discussions took place with experts in various fields. The workshop built upon the basic knowledge and skills of people who had already participated in one or more of the previous workshops in the series, or who had acquired knowledge using online learning materials.


Multimedia evening symphony

On 5 May, Royal College of Music students, dancers from London and Barcelona as well as musicians from Copenhagen and Helsinki were brought together in a sold-out multimedia symphony titled ‘The Infinite Bridge’, using some of the technologies presented during the workshop. This innovative and cross-disciplinary event used music, theatre, dance, computer-generated graphics and three live connections to tell the story of a girl trapped in a mundane existence, who in her dreams escapes into an alternate cyber-world. The 400-strong audience witnessed the first time that Polycom and LOLA technologies were used in a multimedia symphony.


More information

GÉANT is a partner in the series of Network Performing Arts Production (NPAP) workshops.


This event was the eighth in the series of workshops that has been held in Europe and the United States annually since 2009, and the fifth European event. The workshop was hosted by the Royal College of Music, with local technical support provided by Jisc, which provides Janet, the UK national research and education network, and coordinated by Internet2 and the GÉANT Amsterdam office, with additional technical expertise provided by the Programme Committee members.


For an overview of the whole workshop series and online learning materials, visit the Networking Performing Arts Production Workshops page: www.terena.org/activities/network-arts/