​New TCS service trains users of new ​‘C​​​ertCentral’ web portal


6 July 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

On its second day as a production service with a new provider, the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS – formerly ‘TERENA Certificate Service’) provided web portal training to around 20 organisations. The webinar on 2 July demonstrated details of the new ‘CertCentral’ interface that had been developed by the new provider, DigiCert. There will be another opportunity to take part in this training towards the end of August.


During the webinar, DigiCert demonstrated the Participant Level account interface, including account functionality, available tools, settings, products, and the look and feel. An overview of the Services API (application programming interface) then followed.



David Groep (top) presenting his slides to webinar participants​


Further insights were provided by TCS community experts who had provided voluntary input to the development of the CertCentral portal during the past few months. Teun Nijssen (Tilburg University, NL) demonstrated the Admin Level interface that participating national research and education network (NREN) organisations will need to use in order to provide TCS within their consituency. He highlighted the account structure and gave guidance and recommendations to NRENs that had not yet experienced the new interface. David Groep (NIKHEF) demonstrated the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) implementation, and functionality, including SAML-based federated access, that was built into the new portal to improve the end-user experience of ordering digital certificates.


Abo​​​ut TCS

TCS helps to increase security in online transactions by facilitating the deployment of digital certificates. TCS takes advantage of a bulk purchasing arrangement whereby participating NRENs may issue close to unlimited numbers of certificates provided by a commercial Certification Authority (CA) at a significantly reduced price.

After around nine years issuing a variety of certificate types through a series of CA providers, the new TCS is provided by DigiCert. DigiCert, a US-based company, is one of the largest worldwide Certification Authorities.