​Green light for open source software 'Greenho​​use' Special Interest Group 


A new ‘greenhouse’ Special Interest Group (SIG) has been launched, to support open-source software development and sustainability. The group’s charter was approved on 23 November 2015 by GÉANT’s technical committee.


National research and education networking organisations (NRENs) have a strong history of producing successful open-source software from within their communities, to meet a variety of needs from security to access management and file management solutions. As these projects grow into well-used products, initial developer teams need a range of support to meet the needs of expanding groups of users. SIG-Greenhouse will help to provide a framework for managing donations to open-source software projects as well as advice and guidance on licensing, legal agreements and good practice for code management.  


​“The Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet fully support the creation of a software greenhouse function hosted by GÉANT” NORDUnet

​“There is a sense of urgency for this to be put in place and we would like to see that this activity will be given priority so that pilots can start from the beginning of 2016”. SURFnet

Nicole Harris, secretary of the new SIG has started preparations with immediate effect. A steering committee and the wider community will set a direction and scope for the group.  


As a first action, a list of open-source software developed in or by the GÉANT community and in use in real service scenarios is being compiled. If you would like to suggest suitable projects to be included, contact Nicole Harris.

More inform​​ation

Current materials involving the Greenhouse idea can be found on the SIG Greenhouse wiki page​.