​GÉANT at SC15


10 November 2015 | Cambridge, UK


Between 16 and 19 November the international supercomputing community will gather in Austin, Texas for SC15 - spotlighting High Performance Computing (HPC), scientific applications, and innovations from around the world.


This year’s event focuses on how HPC is transforming our everyday lives, as well as our not-so-ordinary ones. From nanomaterials to jet aircrafts, from medical treatments to disaster preparedness, and even the way we wash our clothes; the HPC community has transformed the world in multifaceted ways.


Annually the event attracts over 10,000 attendees, keen to discover the latest solutions that will keep them at the leading edge of their professions.


GÉANT is exhibiting in the research area, at booth: 3218. Visitors will get the chance to view exciting and demonstrations and pioneering collaborations – as well as speak to the experts directly.


Innovative musical demos

Joining us will be Piotr Traczyk, a high energy experimental physicist working at CERN on one of the LHC experiments. Piotr is also a talented musician which he will demonstrate daily from the booth as he plays guitar from a score produced from data taken from live LHC experiments.


On Wednesday 18 November at 10:30 am visitors will be treated to the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Virtual Visit from CERN’s LHC experiment. This is a unique opportunity to explore the experimental site of the CMS detector. CMS scientists will guide the tour and explain the physics and technology behind the experiment, while answering questions.


Watch the world premiere of “Modern Symphony on 5 Supercomputers and InfiniCortex”

The most extensive InfiniCortex demonstration to date – comprising the world’s first circumnavigation by InfiniBand, with most of the path operating at 100Gbps speeds.


Applications are being tested from many sites and will include: genomics services, bio-informatics, medical image analysis, plasma reactor simulation, asynchronous linear solvers, ADIOS framework, distributed HPC storage, resources virtualization (GPU, virtual machines, etc.).


As part of GÉANT’s International Users Support activities they coordinate the deployment of the world-wide infrastructure. The GÉANT network deploys the European section and part of the inter-continental segments of the InfiniCortex network.


See live network traffic data from all the trunks and connections, and live network benchmark data - as well as visual displays of applications from the partners.


The sound of space science at the NASA booth

Dr Domenico Vicinanza, Product Manager for User Application Services at GÉANT and Senior Lecturer at and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK will present a demo at the NASA booth on The sound of space science.  Piotr Traczyk, a high energy experimental physicist working at CERN will accompany on guitar.


Music and space are two of the most intrinsically linked disciplines in the spectrum of human knowledge. During this presentation data from space will be translated into music and played live on stage. The melodies will inherit the unique properties of the scientific measurements, bringing the infinitely big and far close to our fingers and our ears—giving a new dimension to space research.


Back at the GÉANT booth there’ll be demos featuring GÉANT Testbeds and GÉANT Open Cloud Exchange. Discover exciting developments from perfSONAR - a widely-deployed test and measurement infrastructure used by science networks and facilities around the world to monitor and ensure network performance.


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