​​eduroam achieves new milestone with RFC


29 September 2015 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Now that every continent on the planet (with the exception of Antarctica) has an eduroam® (education roaming) roaming operator, the body of knowledge contained within the community has been distilled into a RFC (Request For Comments) to enable this valuable service to gain the attention of communities beyond academia.


The research and education community is very well aware of the existence of eduroam, but the time is now right to expand the service into other sectors as well. This ambition is furthered now that there’s an official embodiment of all the hard work done, in the form of RFC 7593. The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) publishes RFCs that are experimental, best current practice, standards track, historic or in the case of RFC 7593, informational.


The eduroam development team hopes that the operational experience that has been used to create this body of knowledge can benefit other sectors in their own parallel efforts in network roaming. Containing both the historical context and up-to-date implementation details of the eduroam service, the issues of managing a heavily distributed network roaming environment are captured succinctly, including changes and additions to IETF specifications as a result of broadening deployments.


Also captured in RFC 7593 are the alternative uses of technologies that underpin eduroam in broader trust and identity systems.


Since eduroam's inception in 2003, the eduroam development team, consisting of a solid core of community experts and a changing group of secondary contributors, has spent a huge amount of time on developing the eduroam architecture. The group has been working through possible architectures, choosing appropriate standards to adopt, validating the security model to be used and supporting the deployment at the regional, country and institutional level.


More information

Read RFC 7593 in full (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7593)
Visit the eduroam homepage (www.eduroam.org).

eduroam® is a registered trademark of GÉANT.