eduPKI PMA Resources


​eduPKI PMA Charter

The PMA Charter document describes how the PMA is set up and operated, its scope, objectives and responsibilities, membership and voting processes.​​



CA accreditation process

This document defines the accreditation process for PKIs and their CAs. It describes:


  • How a CA obtains accreditation under a specific Trust Profile by getting reviewed by the eduPKI PMA.

  • How a CA secures its accreditation by adopting changes to the relevant trust profile and performing audits and delivering audit reports.

  • How an accreditation of an accredited CA is withdrawn.


​Services registration process

This document describes how a GÉANT service can register as a Relying Party under one or more trust profiles.



​eduPKI Trust Profiles

eduPKI Trust Profiles define the minimum requirements of GÉANT Services in regards to the quality of identity assertions and vetting procedures as well as the supporting assertion infrastructure. Available eduPKI Trust Profiles are:


eduPKI Trust Profile for eduroam Certificates

eduPKI-Trust-Profile-for-eduroam-certificates-1.4 current / in effect


eduPKI Trust Profile for Certificates for GÉANT's Multi-Domain Network Services

 eduPKI-Trust-Profile-for-GEANTs-Multi-Domain-Network-Services-1.3 current / in effect

eduPKI Trust Profile for Genergince Serve and Client Machine Certificates


​Accredited CAs

eduPKI PMA accredited Certification Authorities (CAs).


The list of accredited CA is available in TACAR: