Who benefits from eduPKI?

By allowing existing CAs to issue certificates for those GÉANT Services that

require them, eduPKI permits the operators of those GÉANT Services to deal

with their established PKI provider, following familiar procedures which

reduces the burden of using new services.

Thanks to the federated approach, operators of GÉANT Services are able to

obtain all necessary certificates from either the CA managed by their own

NREN (or equivalent service like e.g. TCS), or via the internal eduPKI CA if

the certificates of those other CAs don't fit the purpose or trust requirements.


GÉANT Project


  • Avoids the creation of per service-based CAs.
  • Achieves cost efficiencies by avoiding mitigating duplication of infrastructures.
  • Facilitates consistency and best practices across the project.


GÉANT Services​eduPKI:
  • Releases workload from services relating to certificate management.
  • Increases security in the area of digital certificates, as assessment is performed by eduPKI experts rather than relying on service developers.


End Users


  • ​Improves user experience, by relaying whenever possible on certification authorities known to end-users.