​​User Experience

eduPKI enables trust establishment in GÉANT services. Trust promotes users’ reliance on a service and facilitates confidence in the security and integrity of GÉANT services.


eduPKI service objectives:
  • Support other project services in defining their security requirements.
  • Provide them with digital certificates by federating existing NRENs certificates services.


By coordinating and harmonising trust across GÉANT services, eduPKI:
  • Ensures efficiency, as trust is dealt by a group of experts.
  • Facilitates implementation of a cohesive technical and policy infrastructure.
  • Avoids duplication of effort in different activities.
  • Eases the transition from the current project to the next one.
  • Consequently improves the end-users' experience.


eduPKI successes include:​
  • Business case approved, May 2010.
  • Governance and procedures in place, September 2010.
  • Cooperation with eduroam resulted in the creation of an eduroam trust profile.
  • Cooperation with SA2 resulted in the creation of an Multidomain Network Service profile.
  • Pilot phase started in summer 2010, completed February 2011.
  • Service started 1 March 2011.​