Approved documents developed within the eduPKI project and relevant to a public audience are published here.

GÉANT eduPKI Service Definition - v1.0

Use-case: eduPKI for eduroam






GÉANT eduPKI Updates (GÉANT PR Network Meeting, Utrecht / NL, 09.02.2011)

GÉANT eduPKI Certificates for eduroam (GÉANT Symposium, Vienna / AT, 25.11.2010)

GÉANT eduPKI Basics: The Building-Blocks for eduPKI (GÉANT Symposium, Vienna / AT, 25.11.2010)

eduPKI Trust Profiles

eduPKI Trust Profiles define the minimum requirements of GÉANT services in regards to the quality of identity assertions and vetting procedures, as well as the supporting assertion infrastructure. Available Trust Profiles are:


eduPKI Trust Profile for eduroam Certificates

eduPKI-Trust-Profile-for-eduroam-certificates-1.4 current / in effect


eduPKI Trust Profile for Certificates for GÉANT's Multi-Domain Network Services

eduPKI-Trust-Profile-for-GEANTs-Multi-Domain-Network-Services-1.3 current / in effect​​

eduPKI Trust Profile for Generic Serve - and Cllient-Machine - Certificates.