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eduPKI supports GÉANT services in defining their requirements for digital certificates. ​It helps coordinate the provision of these on a pan-European basis and enables existing Certification Authorities to issue certificates for GÉANT services.


Examples of services that can use eduPKI include eduroam and perfSONAR, plus future services that will have security and trust requirements.​ Click here for more information.​​​​

​eduPKI news​

Feb 2016: Updated eduPKI documents

eduPKI documents are now aligned to the new GÉANT corporate design. There are updated eduPKI PMA governing documents, eduPKI Trust Profile documents and eduPKI CA policy (CP/CPS) documents.​​

Jun 2014: eduPKI CA issues SHA256 end-entity certificates

With the adoption of the updated eduPKI CA Certificate Policy all end-entity certificates issued from now on will be signed with the signature algorithm sha256WithRSAEncryption.

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  • Find out how to mitigate duplication of infrastructures and achieve cost efficiencies.

  • Discover how you can increase services security.   

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View approved documents developed within the eduPKI project.


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