​​Benefits o​​f eduGAIN

Today, online services are crucial to research and education. Students, teachers, researchers and institution staff rely on them for collaboration through webmail; e-learning, tea​ching and conferencing; for analysing and sharing data, and for accessing journals and libraries. Usually, every online service requires a separate account. But with just one trusted identity, provided by their institution as part of an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI), and with participation of this identity provider in national identity federation and international eduGAIN interfederation agreements, users can access services from other participating federations us​ing just a single sign-on (SSO).



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There are many different AAI systems in use, all of which control access to networks and applications and ensure the secure movement of information within networks. It is currently necessary for organisations to join one another’s federation in order to establish the relationship necessary to exchange information across these systems.


Enabling easy and convenient access to end users is a key part of delivering a service. The service operator does not want the headaches associated with issuing passwords to users, and the user does not want yet another password to add to his/her collection.


Around the world there are currently more than 35 federations participating in or in the process of joining eduGAIN, with approximately 1,500 identity providers and 500 service providers. These are usually nationally o​rganised with no default connectivity between them. Furthermore, standards vary between these providers.


eduGAIN provides an efficient, flexible way for participating federations, and their affiliated users and services, to interconnect.


​​Who benefits​ from eduGAIN?

The eduGAIN service interconnects identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community. Through eduGAIN, identity providers offer a greater range of services to their users, delivered by multiple federations in a truly collaborative environment; service providers offer their services to users in different federations, increasing their target market; and users seamlessly benefit from the wider range of services.​​​​​​​


  • ​More services for your users – enables them to access services from different federations.
  • Lower administration costs – thanks to easier technical integration.
  • Saves time - no need to make bilateral agreements with other federations.
  • Trustworthy - secure collaboration and exchange of information.
Service providers
  • ​Grow your audience - offer services to a greater number of users.
  • Lower costs per user - your audience grows without increasing the demand for passwords and user support.
Identity providers
  • ​Offer more to your users - enables access to a wider range of services than are available locally or nationally.
  • No extra administrative burden - if you are already participating in a federation with Web Single Sign On set up.
Identity holders (students, researchers, educators, campus administrators)​
  • ​Access a wider range of services than are available nationally or locally.
  • One digital identity and password for all services connected through eduGAIN.
  • eduGAIN is ‘invisible’ to you so you can access services without extra effort​.
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