Online student validation for retail and online services.


 InAcademia is the real-time, digital equivalent of asking a student to present their student card in order to access or buy your services and products. No need to rely on university email addresses or to wait for students to provide documentation, InAcademia removes slow, costly and manual verification processes of students and academic staff by providing merchants with a quick, easy, reliable and secure way to verify identities,



  • Removes slow, costly and manual validation processes, by providing merchants with a quick, easy, reliable and secure way to verify identities, provided the student is registered with a participating eduGAIN Identity Provider.
  • Provides real-time proof of 'student-ness' that is necessary for merchants to offer discounted services and goods to student and academic communities without the significant cost of both technical and operational effort or validating users' entitlement to discounts.
  • Is a lightweight option for Service Providers (SPs), providing an entry-level, low-maintenance alternative to using federated identity, and is a trusted party that behaves like a proxy between IdP and Service Provider.
  • Is a lightweight authentication process for cases where merchants need a simple "=Student: Yes/No" validation, without the need for exchange of personal data, therefore reducing the risk and cost of setting up services. This means that users can benefit from services in a privacy-preserving manner.


Associated Services

Like its parent product, eduGAIN, InAcademia provides real-time validation of student-ness using trusted sources, but unlike eduGAIN it provides a single point of interaction for Merchants, who connect to InAcademia using the widely adopted OIDC protocol. InAcademia provides a uniform technical experience for Merchants and presents a familiar single-sign-on user interface to students.


  • eduGAIN: a framework of Authorisation, Authentication and Identity (AAI) services that provide users across the research and education community with single-sign-on to thousands of service providers worldwide. Because eduGAIN is an interfederation service it links the AAI services of Identity Federations around the world to increase the flexibility and reach of these federations.
  • eduTEAMS: Built on top of eduGAIN, eduTEAMS aims to simplify the management of group and authorisation information. It enables the integration users from a wide range of environment, connecting them to specific services (such as instruments), and also to other generic services such as storage and compute provided by any eInfrastructure provider or even commercial entity.
  • Various supporting tools for federations, identity and service providers are available on the eduGAIN technical site under the Tools section.



InAcademia support, development and promotion in Europe is provided through the GÉANT (GN4 ) Project.


The future development of the InAcademia service is driven in part by the InAcademia Steering Committee, which comprises representatives from participating federations around the world. This group is provided with secretariat support by the GÉANT staff.


InAcademia is available now in collaboration with participating national identity federations across Europe. To offer InAcademia, please contact for assistance and more information is available here


More Information

For more information about InAcademia, visit the InAcademia website.