​Supporting digital certificates for GÉANT services.

​​eduPKI supports GÉANT services in defining their requirements for digital certificates. ​It helps coordinate the provision of these on a pan-European basis and enables existing Certification Authorities (CAs) to issue certificates for GÉANT services that require them.

By allowing existing CAs to issue these certificates, and using the federated identity approach, users are able to obtain all necessary certificates from either the CA managed by their own national research and education networking (NREN) organisation, or via the eduPKI CA. In this way, eduPKI permits users to deal directly with their NREN and follow familiar procedures, which reduces the burden of using new services.

Within the GÉANT Project, eduPKI supports service developers by freeing them from the burden of managing digital certificates.

Examples of services that can use eduPKI include perfSONAR, eduGAIN and eduroam, plus future services that will have security and trust requirements.​​

More information ​​

For more information visit the eduPKI website.

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eduPKI supports GÉANT projects and services on a pan-European basis.