Trusted Introducer 

​Building mutual trust between security teams​​​.

Many research and education networking organisations, commercial internet service providers, telecommunications operators and governments have established computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) to deal with network security incidents. Collaboration between trusted teams is very important because incidents often originate from outside the network that is affected.

The Trusted Introducer (TI) service forms the backbone of infrastructure services and acts as a clearinghouse for all computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs), building a ‘web of trust’ between CSIRTs by listing known teams, and accrediting and certif​ying teams according to their demonstrated and checked level of maturity.

Accredited and certified CSIRTs can participate in closed meetings where they hear sensitive and confidential information about incidents and threats. TI also provides them with vital members-only services that enable the teams to interact more efficiently and effectively.

As part of a portfolio of services and activities that are useful to the CSIRT community, Trusted Introducer is governed and reviewed by the TF-CSIRT steering committee.

The Trusted Introducer service is provided by PRESECURE GmbH, under contract with GÉANT.


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Trusted Introducer provides a mutual trust platform to support CSIRT activities.​