TRANSITS training

High-quality training for computer security teams.


transits_banne_small_new.jpgTRANSITS provides affordable, high-quality training to both new and experienced computer security incident response team (CSIRT) personnel, as well as individuals with a bona-fide interest in establishing a CSIRT.

There are two types of training course: TRANSITS-I for new recruits, and TRANSITS-II for more experienced personnel.

GÉANT runs regular training courses within Europe on a cost recovery basis, with financial support from ENISA, the ENISA_logo.jpegEuropean Union agency for network and information security. The TRANSITS-I course materials may also be licensed to those wishing to organise their own courses.


TRANSITS has directly trained more than 500 individuals in the European region, and many more have benefited from third-party courses. A number of participants have gone on to become TRANSITS trainers themselves, passing on their knowledge within their own regions and countries.

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As part of a portfolio of services and activities that are useful to the CSIRT community, TRANSITS is governed and reviewed by the TF​-CSIRT steering committee.

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