​TRANSITS-I course materials


​​​​The TRANSITS-I course materials were developed by GÉANT in collaboration with members of TF-CSIRT and are regularly updated.


These materials may be used, in whole or part, for third-party training courses subject to the Conditions of Use.


​Conditions of use

The TRANSITS-I course materials may be used, in whole or part, for training courses subject to the conditions outlined below. All materials remain the copyright of GÉANT, although individual authors and/or their employers may also hold copyright on certain items.


Requesting permission

Organisations or individuals wishing to use TRANSITS-I training materials must submit a request to transits-info@terena.org that provides the following information:

  • a statement that the proposed training course for which the TRANSITS-I materials will be used will be non-commercial and that the organisers will abide by these Conditions of Use;
  • the dates and the location of the proposed training course;
  • the names and affiliations of the tutors / presenters of the proposed training course;
  • the expected number of trainees and the type of organisations they are working for.

If GÉANT grants permission, it will be on the understanding that the organisers will submit a report on the workshop within three weeks. This should include the dates and location of the workshop, the names and affiliations of the tutors / presenters, and the names and affiliations of the trainees. The report should also include feedback from the presenters and trainees with respect to the training materials.


General conditions

  • ​Training courses using TRANSITS-I materials must be non-commercial. The income from the event may not be higher than is necessary to recover the direct costs of the organisers and the tutors / presenters of the course.
  • Tutors / presenters must only use the most recent version of the TRANSITS-I materials, and as provided by GÉANT in advance of the training course.
  • TRANSITS-I materials must be used unaltered and their origin and copyrights fully acknowledged.
  • TRANSITS-I materials and associated logos may only be reproduced for use in training courses for which permission has been explicitly granted by GÉANT.

Additional conditions for TRANSITS-I materials

All the tutors / presenters should have attended a previous TRANSITS-I training event, either as a trainer or trainee. At least one tutor / presenter should be a known TRANSITS-I tutor and / or have had recent experience of working for a recognised CSIRT for two or more years.


TRANSITS-II materials

It is not possible to grant permission for use of the TRANSITS-II materials outside the GÉANT-run courses. Please, liaise with individual authors​.


All enquiries relating to the use of TRANSITS materials should be directed to