TACAR: Trusted Academic CA Repository

Storing and securely distribut​ing root Certification Authority ​certificates for research and education.

Online digital security certificates must be trustworthy if they are to have any value. If a browser, operating system or application does not recognise a certificate issued by a given Certification Authority (CA), trust can be established by securely downloading the CA's 'root certificate', which validates all its issued certificates.


TACAR, the Trusted Academic CA Repository (formerly known as the TERENA Academic CA Repository), offers a trustworthy solution in a practical and cost-effective manner. 

TACAR verifies, stores and securely distributes root certificates, related certificate policies and certificate practice statements registered by the Certfication Authorities of organisations in the academic community. Multiple root certificates can be downloaded at the same time.

TACAR has become the official trust repository for the Grid community, which makes extensive use of digital certificates. The majority of the CA root certificates hosted by TACAR have been accredited by the IGTF (Interoperable Global Trust Federation).

TACAR is also the central repository for eduPKI, hosting the trust anchors of the Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) needed for GÉANT services such as eduroam, eduGAIN and perfSONAR.

More information​​

​​​For more information on TACAR visit the TACAR website.

​At a glance​​


TACAR supports Research and Education institutions and organisations by verifying, storing and distributing root certificates.​


​Key ​facts

​TACAR solves the difficulty in distributing root certificates used by Public Key Infrastructures​​.