Trust, identity and security

Today, online services are crucial to research and education. Students, researchers and institute staff rely on them for collaboration through webmail, e-learning, teaching, conferencing, analysing and sharing data, and for accessing journals and libraries. Trusted digital identities underpinned with secure technologies allow them to simply and securely access content and services.

GÉANT provides services that build trust, promote security and support the use of online identities, through a range of activities and international collaborations.​​



​Seamless Wi-Fi access for research and education around the world.​​​


Unlocking global research and education c​​ollaboration.​​


Enabling the secure creation and management of virtual collaborations, and allowing the users within those collaborations to access services using their own organisation accounts.


Supporting and securing access for remote users.


Increasing online security by facilitating the deployment of digital certificates.

arrow_icon.jpgTRANSITS training

High-quality training for computer security teams.​​

In addition GÉANT provides a range of tools and functions to support research and education providers and to GÉANT project participants


Supporting digital certificates for GÉANT services.​

arrow_icon.jpgTrusted Introducer

​Building mutual trust between security teams.


Storing and securely distribut​ing root Certification Authority ​certificates for research and education.

​ arrow_icon.jpgurn:geant Uniform Resource Name (URN)

Supporting the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to various kinds of resources by the GÉANT community and its delegates. ​