Benefitting our community with two special arrangements.

GÉANT has two arrangements with ownCloud, Inc., the open source-based, on-premises file sync-and-share provider. One is the OpenCloudMesh joint international initiative. The other is a favoured pricing agreement under which GÉANT national and international members and their users and members can purchase ownCloud *Enterprise Edition* licences at a discount. GÉANT non-European peers are also eligible, subject to separate bilateral agreements (MoU) with GÉANT.


The agreement allows the purchase orders put in place by individual national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, universities and other eligible organisations to be counted together at ownCloud. The aggregated number of software licences purchased by the community drives down the unit price (licence/user/year) for all the customers according to the agreed price scale.

ownCloud software installs easily on a web server, enabling institutions to host their own file sync-and-share, giving IT complete control of their data whether using on-premises or cloud storage. It has more than a million users worldwide.


The Enterprise Edition covered by the GÉANT agreement comes with special features not included in the free Community Edition, branded clients for desktop and mobile platforms, ownCloud support and maintenance, and unique access to the developers community, bug fixes and feature requests.


GÉANT's task force on data storage solutions, TF-Storage, selected the ownCloud systems as it offered the unique combination of on-premises, integrated software (for compliance, control and privacy), open source (for openness and extensibility) and storage agnosticism (for flexibility and cost savings).


More information
Qualifying members can contact ownCloud here to request access to the secure order form.
​GÉANT, ownCloud and Collabora
- working together

GÉANT, ownCloud and Collabora have come together to offer R&E users access to the Collabora online service suite at a much reduced price. 


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