GÉANT Clo​ud Services

Supporting cloud collaboration in the research and education community.


Cloud services empower users to select and use the services they really want, in an easy and often economically attractive manner.​ ​Research and education organisations can become more agile, facilitating dynamic collaborations between teams and across borders.


Supp​​​​​​​​orting NRENs

GÉANT is actively helping national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) to deliver cloud services to their communities, with the right conditions of use. It is also engaging with existing NREN brokerages to promote an efficient and coordinated pan-European approach, by building on existing experience and supplier relationships.


The goal is to acquire and manage the delivery of services from providers to the pan-European GÉANT community. These parties can be commercial vendors as well as NRENs, and other research and education communities. The goal is an attractive, well-balanced portfolio of cloud services published in the online GÉANT Cloud Catalogue, an informative list of cloud providers.

Cloud Services​

The GÉANT Cloud Services team has developed a website​ to support the use and increased uptake of cloud services in the research and education community.​​


Cloud adoptio​​n pilot scheme​​​​​​​​​​​​

For all members o​​f NRENs and research and education ins​​​titutes. The GÉANT Cloud Services team helps you to deliver and adopt services. ​Please express your interest for cloud adoption pilots through this cloud survey.​

​​More information

To find out more about GÉANT's cloud service activities visit the website.​

At a glance​​​​​

Key facts​ 

​Cloud services allow NRENs, campuses and researchers access to scalable affordable IT facilities with potentially lower capital costs and reduced maintenance compared to self-building.