Effective Video Conferencing can save time, money and improve teamwork. With eduCONF users will be able to find and use videoconferencing facilities across Europe. eduCONF services are helping to provide the tools for an effective pan-European videoconference infrastructure, including tools for locating, validating and certifying rooms, managing and monitoring a videoconferencing network.


eduCONF is providing an end-to-end video call verification feature that will allow participating national research and education networking (NREN) organisations to verify their video conferencing services and rooms, and allow end uses to verify their devices or soft-phones. 

The overall vision of the eduCONF videoconferencing service is to provide a high-quality collaboration environment that will be easily accessible to research and academic users.​​

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eduCONF Dir​ectory​

Find a videoconferencing facility with the eduCONF directory​ service.