eduOER ​​

​Supporting access to multimedia content across multiple repositories.

The eduOER team

With ever more research and education institutions producing and storing multimedia learning content, such as webinars or lecture videos, there is a growing need to be able to find and share useful material, to support 'open education'.

A focus on providing repositories and infrastructures to contain such materials has resulted in content being widely dispersed, which has been a barrier to the uptake of open education content and practices. To encourage the wider take-up and use of open education materials and methods, technology was required to support educational institutions in offering open education facilities in a financially sustainable manner, and to support the development of practices that enable learners, teachers and institutions to best engage with the available resources.

GÉANT's eduOER service will enable the structured searching and re-use of digital multimedia learning and educational materials (known as 'Open Educational Resources' (OER)), that are scattered across Europe in multiple repositories, infrastructures and services.

Although the content will remain in its original repositories, information about the content - 'metadata' -  will be collected in the eduOER hub and used to power a searchable portal. 


Hub for content p​​roviders​​​

Educational repositories and relevant content providers are invited to disseminate and share metadata about their open educational resources. The eduOER hub will not only harvest and aggregate metadata from various sources, but also provide value-added services to the connected repositories, in order to discover, ​analyse, validate and enrich their metadata.


Web portal for end-users​

The front-end portal of eduOER will provide users such as educators and students with the means to search and find open educational multimedia content across multiple disciplines, countries and languages in order to re-use, revise, remix or redistribute it. In this way eduOER will enable users to directly benefit from open education.


GÉANT and eduOER

eduOER was launched to the research and education community at the GÉANT Symposium in March 2016.​

The GÉANT community of national research and education networking (NREN) organisations originated eduOER in a (former) community working group, before piloting it more widely. This community is well-placed to contribute to open education in collaboration with the EC, educational institutions and other relevant players. 

Beyond providing and supporting the technology that delivers eduOER and massive open online courses (MOOCs) to users, NRENs wish to engage with educators and participate in the production of openly licensed content (course development), especially in the area of ICT and networking, for the benefit of teachers and the next generation of the knowledge economy. In return, educators should encourage students by creating policies (e.g. participate in flipped classes, use Creative Commons licences) that allow them to better use the NREN services directly or indirectly offered to them.


"The European NREN community is in an excellent position to facilitate how Open Education Resources can be findable and accessible, more effective in helping students, serving minority populations, improving the teaching and learning process and potentially lowering the cost of higher and adult education."
Peter Szegedi, former Project Development Officer, GÉANT


​​More information

​​To find out more about eduOER visit the eduOER website. ​

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The OER Portal helps educators and students find content across diverse resources, disc​iplines and countries.