​Professional services

Project ​​management​​​​

The management of any major project is a challenging task. With many years' experience of managing a project involving people from 40 countries, working together to deliver innovative networking solutions and constructing and operating an award-winning network infrastructure, on time and to budget, GÉANT has proven project management skills and experience.


​For more information on the projects managed by GÉANT visit our Projects page.



​GÉANT’s valuable experience gained through the operation of the GÉANT Project and network has provided us the ability to assist a wide range of international research and education networking projects. By applying this experience we can provide:

  • Network architecture and design.

  • Network operations support.

  • Design, operation and support training.

  • Trust,​ identity and security solutions.

  • Procurement consultancy.

  • Security consultancy and training.

  • Advice on EU funding.

Secretariat services

​​GÉANT provides secretariat services to a wide range of task forces and special interest groups as well as supporting ​groups such as REFEDS, GLIF and NRENum.net.


To find out how GÉANT can help support your project contact us at info@geant.org​​.