​Real-time, multi-domain performance monitoring​.

perfSONAR is an open-source, modular and flexible architecture for active network performance monitoring that provides a view of network performance across multiple domains, allowing NOC and PERT engineers to seamlessly analyse and diagnose network behaviours across the entire end-to-end path. The tools provided in the perfSONAR suite perform active measurements of throughput, packet loss, delays and jitter, and record network route and path changes. 


The GÉANT project offers three types of perfSONAR-related services:

  • perfSONAR software development and user support within the international collaboration with ESnet, Internet2, Indiana University and University of Michigan.
  • Supporting the GÉANT community to deploy perfSONAR in their environment as a part of perfSONAR’s consultancy and expertise service, providing advice, training and support for designing and deploying a perfSONAR-based measurement architecture.
  • Providing Performance Measurement Platform.

​The perfSONAR project

The perfSONAR project is supported by five international partners: ESnet, Internet2, Indiana University, University of Michigan and GÉANT. The global perfSONAR team develops, maintains, distributes and provides support for the full perfSONAR tools suite that is installed and used on numerous R&E networks around the world to perform active measurements and monitor network performance. perfSONAR users are located worldwide and form the global perfSONAR community. 

The current usage map is available on the perfSONAR website.

The roadmap for the perfSONAR project can be found on the perfSONAR website here.

Online training and dissemination events have been recorded and published on a dedicated perfSONAR YouTube channel.

perfSONAR Consultancy and Expertise

perfSONAR Consultancy and Expertise aims to provide support and disseminate knowledge about perfSONAR usage for the GÉANT community and offers four different activity types:

  • Help to ensure that design measurement architectures and infrastructures based on perfSONAR fit the performance monitoring and measurement needs of the requesting party.
  • Specific training on perfSONAR deployment, usage and best practices.
  • Extra support to deploy and operate perfSONAR provided by GÉANT and NRENs, as requested.
  • Maintenance and operation of a set of perfSONAR services useful to the global perfSONAR community and GÉANT area perfSONAR users in particular.

Feel free to contact the team via

Performance Measurement Platform (PMP) 

Performance Measurement Platform (PMP) is a successor of successfully completed perfSONAR Small Nodes in GÉANT project.

It consists of:

  • Low-cost hardware nodes with pre-installed perfSONAR software and deployed in GÉANT collaborating organisations in Europe and Africa.
  • Central components including a central Measurement Archive (MA) and a Dashboard.

The small nodes are performing regular measurements towards a few Measurement Points (MPs) located in the core of the GÉANT network and operated by GÉANT network operations centre. The central components that manage the platform elements, gather, store and represent the performance data, are operated and maintained by the PMP operational team in GÉANT project. Small nodes users can shape the predefined setup and configure additional measurements to their needs and get more familiar with the platform.

The PMP operational team maintains an instance of the Maddash dashboard for visualising performance testing between PMP service instances in NRENs and GÉANT PoPs. Visit the publicly available PMP Dashboard at


Feel free to contact the team via

Check our map below to view PMP service coverage and zoom in to see which GÉANT Project partners already joined this platform. Countries shaded in green are where we currently provide operational PMP service and countries shaded in orange are in progress of service deployment.

​M​ore information

Visit the perfSONAR project ​website​ for more information on the service and how to download and install it.

At a glan​​ce​​​​​


perfSONAR can be used by both NRENs and large project users to monitor performance and help diagnose issues.

Key ​Facts

perfSONAR is implemented in over 2,000 measurement nodes​ worldwide.​

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Visit the perfSONAR website