Supporting PERTs across ​the community to achieve best network p​​erformance.​


Performance Enhancement Response Teams (PERTs) provide an investigation and consulting service to academic and research users on their network performance issues.

As networks and networked applications develop, increasing demands are made on performance and reliability, with a need for skilled experts to be able to respond rapidly to issues to help solve users’ problems quickly and efficiently.​ It is essential that teams have access to the latest information, tools and experience from other experts, ensuring they pool their knowledge in the face of the ever-changing technologies involved.

This is why GÉANT created eduPERT to provide a centre of excellence for investigation and consulting services to academic and research users on their network performance issues. By linking individual PERTs, eduPERT helped knowledge sharing across the community to benefit everyone.​ 

eduPERT was part of GÉANT’s commitment to helping network users get the best performance from their connections.​

The eduPERT project is now completed but the eduPERT KnowledgeBase remains available for reference

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Visit the eduPERT KnowledgeBase 

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​At a glance​​

eduPERT linked individual PERTs from campuses, national research and education networking (NREN) organisations and research projects. 


​Key ​facts

eduPERT provided a centre of excellence for all performance related issues.

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