GÉANT Testbeds Service

​Integrated virtual network environments to support advanced research.


The GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS) delivers integrated ​​virtual environments as 'testbeds' for the network research community. GTS is designed for researchers of advanced networking technologies to help support testing and development over a large-scale, dispersed environment.
GTS can support multiple projects simult​​​aneously and isolates them from each other and from the production GÉANT network to provide security and safety.​


​Use​​r-defined network​​​s​

Network testbed res​​ources are dynamically allocated from real e-infrastructure that is distributed throughout the GÉANT core service area, allowing researchers to define, build, test and rebuild highly scalable, high-capacity virtual networks quickly, easily and cost-effectively.​

Within GTS, the researcher is able to describe the logical composition of their desired network. The user may incorporate general purpose computational servers, advanced OpenFlow switching / forwarding elements, and / or data transport circuits to connect these components. GTS allows the user to specify desired attributes of each resource - such as the geographic location (a city) for a server or switch, or the desired bandwidth capacity of a transport link.   

​Rapid prototyping​

GTS dynamically allocates and schedules testbeds at the user’s request. From having the idea to running the testbed, a GTS network spanning ​​the entire GÉANT footprint can be created in just a few minutes.



Network research must often culminate in studies 'at scale', i.e. studying the behaviour of a concept as it goes from a small lab experiment to a large globally deployed capability. The base GTS architecture is designed to scale globally – It can support the creation and management of networ​​ks containing thousands of network components, spread across a global geographic footprint, and comprised of resources drawn from many different service providers​.


Secu​​​rity and privac​​y​

Because the GTS testbeds are, by design, insulated and isolated from one another, they are secure. User access to a proj​​ect’s testbed(s) is carefully constrained to allow users to see and manipulate only their own testbeds, yet this security allows aut​​​horised users to access their testbed with a minimum of impediments.​


More infor​mation
For more information on GTS, and how to take par​​t, visit the GTS ​Website​. ​
​At a glance


GTS is designed to support research teams investigating innovative SDN solutions and needing a high performance distributed infrastructure.


Key ​Facts

GTS is logically isolated from the production GÉANT network to ensure the integrity of live applications​.​


GTS can support multiple isolated networks simultaneously allowing teams to work without affecting each other.​