​​​​Manuals, guides and training​ 



Service Description

GEANT GTS Service Description November 2017.pdf

GTS v2.0 Architecture Guide

This is a detailed description of how the GTS service functions.  This covers internal functional modules, data structures, and protocols. 

GTS Generalised Virtualisation Model

This document provides a high-level description of the virtualisation model used by GTS to deliver services to users.​

GTS Engineering, Installation, and Configuration Guide

This document is intended for network engineers and planners. It provide design and engineering requirements, hardware specifications and tradeoffs, and installation and configuration of the GTS open source software​.


GTS  User Guide and Resource Catalogue

The GTS Wiki  describes how users are able to access and manipulate testbeds within the service. This describes the GUI and CLI interfaces, the API library, and a description of the current resources available to users. The Resource guide provides usage tips as well as a complete description of attributes and other issues associated with resource classes.



​​​​GTS Overview

GTS modelling principle

GTS lifecycle

GTS gang of five

GTS dsl gui cli​



The GTS facilities are continuously monitored by the GEANT Network Operations Center and outages of infrastructure generate immediate alerts to the Level 1 support staff. Level 2 support is available during normal business hours to address unusual or more complex service related problems requiring more expertise. Level 2 support is available outside of normal business hours by special prior arrangement.​​

If you have an issue please open a support ticket to the Service Desk: https://issues.geant.net/jira/browse/TAASSD

You can also generate a support ticket by email to: support@gts.geant.net​​​