Key features​​

User Defined Networks

Within GTS, the researcher is able to describe the logical composition of their desired network.  The user may incorporate general purpose computational servers, advanced OpenFLow switching/forwarding elements, and/or data transport circuits to connect these components. GTS allows the user to specify desired attributes of each resource - such as the geographic location (a city) for a server or switch. For the virtual machines, the users can select different "flavours" of VM to suit their needs.

Rapid Prototyping

GTS dynamically allocates and schedules testbeds at the user’s request. From idea to running testbed, a GTS network spanning the entire GÉANT GTS footprint can be instantiated in just a few minutes .

Security and Privacy ​

Because the GTS testbeds are, by design, insulated and isolated from one another, they are designed to be secure. User access to a project’s testbed(s) is carefully constrained to allow users to see and manipulate only their own testbeds, yet this security is designed to allow authorized users to access their testbed with a minimum of impedance.  ​