​​​​How GTS works​ - Archive Information

GTS was designed to provide a simple, easy-to-use, yet very powerful prototyping testbed for researchers. It uses a graphical drag and drop interface to provision distributed resources and networks in order to enable distributed systems and services to be tested in a safe, and secure environment.

GTS provides dynamically provisioned network environments consisting of computational servers, data transport circuits, and switching/forwarding elements.

These testbeds can be scheduled in advance and testbed components can be selected from any of the GEANT core points of presence that have GTS services available. Each testbed constitutes an isolated and insulated virtual environment that can function autonomously from other testbeds or other production services.​​

GTS "translates" the users desired system topology into the provisioned infrastructure, enabling researchers to focus on development rather than provisioning and maintenance of hardware, Operating Systems and networking; reducing costs, speeding developments and enabling innovation.