GÉANT Testbeds Service

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The GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS) delivers integrated virtual environments as “testbeds” for the network research community.


The network testbed resources are dynamically allocated from real e-infrastructure distributed throughout the ​GÉ​ANT core service area allowing researchers to define, build, test and re​build highly scalable, high capacity virtual networks quickly, easily and cost-effectively.​

Rapid virtual prototyping ​​​

With GTS, users can easily build high performance heterogeneous virtual environments across the WAN required for their experiments. And they can do so in just a couple of minutes. This allows them to focus on the actual experiments and not on the underlying infrastructures necessary to carry out the work. Such flexibility enables rapid prototyping and facilitates early stage innovation in Internet scale applications and services. 

This capability not only aids the network research community, but allows the science community to develop large scale application specific networks linking instruments, computational facilities, and researchers via an intelligent and user controlled e-infrastructure spanning Europe.
GÉANT continues to develop and enhance this service with features that address the needs of the research community: Flexibility to support a wide range of research topics, agility to ensure rapid prototyping and short testing iteration cycles and scalability to support large scale global research. This will enable researchers to conduct their studies in high-speed virtual environments and test future network scaling, traffic behavior and characteristics.

Try it out

Visit gts.geant.net​ and build your own testbed over eight locations in Europe (Amsterdam, Bratislava, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Prague). 

Choose from the following resources:
- virtual machines (VMs)
- virtual links (VMs)
- bare metal servers (BMSs)
- virtual switch instances
- external domain interfaces

With GTS, researchers can quickly build, test and rebuild distributed services to accelerate their projects in real-time.​


​GTS News & Events
Meet us at the following events:​
  SC18 Dallas 12-15 November 2018
​GTS Videos​
​​​​​​GTS team prepared videos to share with you how GTS serv​ice functions and how users are able to access and manipulate Testbeds within the service:​