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Publications ​

The GÉANT project (GN4-2) highlights
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GÉANT Association Compendium of national research and education networking (NREN) organisations in Europe - 2016 Edition 

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GÉANT Annual Report 2016

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 GÉANT Annual Review 2015

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 GÉANT Annual Review 2014 ​

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Global Dat​a​ Sharing for Earth Observation brochure

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 E-infrastructure Collaborations brochure 

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GÉANT Environmental Policy

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SIG-NOC  Tools Survey 2016

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  The GÉANT Project (GN4-1) highlights

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Application for GÉANT Sponsorship

GEANT Association Sponsorship Application Feb 2017 V3 3.pdf


  GÉANT Support for Horizon 2020 Projects
  Accelerating research, driving innovation and enriching education



White P​​​apers

​​There are no current White Papers avalable. For archived papers click here​


Strategy D​oc​​uments

GÉANT Strategy 2020
Over the Horizon​
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GÉANT Strategy 2020
Implementing the Strategy
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Logos & Branding Guidelines

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GÉANT Branding Guidelines
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logo_thumb.jpg​​GÉANT logo

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logo_strap_thumb.jpgGÉANT logo with strapline
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​The GÉANT re-branding story

​GÉANT Communit​​y Collaboration

G​ÉANT gateway​
The GÉANT gateway provides a comprehensive overview and guide to the extensive GÉANT on-line resources.​
​Archive res​​ources

This website provides content and resources for the GÉANT Organisation and the current GÉANT (GN4) Project


For reference, it is still possible to visit the old TERENA, DANTE and GÉANT websites:​



GÉANT (GN3plus) Project
(Apr 2013- Mar 2015)​