​GÉANT Project (GN4-2)​ delive​rab​les


The GÉANT p​roject has a range of deliverables and white papers associated with the activities.​​​


04 September 2017

Deliverable D8.3 Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation v1.0 Pilot

This document describes the pilot of the DDoS detection and mitigation tool. It starts with the explanation of the DDoS detection and mitigation architecture that includes Firewall-On-Demand (FoD), Network Security Handling and Response Process (NSHaRP) and Reputation Shield (RepShield), and continues focusing on the DDoS detection and mitigation pilot that is planned for the second reporting period of the GN4-2 project within Network Services Development Joint Research Activity (JRA2) Network Security Task (Task 6).

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17 August 2017

GN4-2 Deliverable​ D7.1 Overview of SDN Pilots Description and Findings: Part A 
This document reports on SDN technology pilots utilising infrastructure deployed across the production GÉANT backbone in parallel to the infrastructure carrying production traffic. 

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D8.2.png12 July 2017

GN4-2 Deliverable D8.2 Firewall-on-Demand Progress Report

This document describes the work carried out in the GN4-2 Joint Research Activity “Network Services Development” (JRA2)– Network Security Task (Task 6) reporting on the Firewall on Demand version 1.5 service within the GEANT network environment.

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D5-3.png07 July 2017

D5.3 Analysis of Requirements for Software Management​

This document presents the current state of the software management practices adopted by GÉANT development teams and highlights the scope for further work in selected areas of software infrastructure and management processes and practices.​

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D9.1.png01 June 2017

GN4-2 Deliverable D3.1 NREN Satisfaction Survey

This deliverable presents the results and analysis of the fifth NREN Satisfaction Survey conducted in March 2017, covering the GÉANT organisation, the GN4-2 project, GÉANT network operations, the GÉANT service portfolio and GÉANT collaboration and community activities. ​

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25 May 2017
D5.2 Service Delivery and Operations Report
This document reports on services operated in GN4-2 by SA2 T2 and T3. Technical and operational service descriptions, data on users, uptake and usage, KPIs, and information on activities and issues occurring in the reporting period as well as contact details, are provided for each service.
​​​​​​​​​​D9.1.png30 March 2017
D9.1 Market Analysis for Supporting Services for Campus Identity Providers
This deliverable provides a Market Analysis of the current offer on Campus IdP related services by the GÉANT NREN community and provides recommendations for features to be provided by a GÉANT Campus IdP platform.

​​D2.2.png10 March 2017​
D2.2 Supporting an e-Infrastructure Event (DI4R)
This document provides a brief summary of an e-Infrastructure event (DI4R) that took place in Krakow, Poland, on 28-30 September 2016.
​The GÉANT Proj​​ect

The project is co-funded by Europe's NRENs and the EU. 


As part of the GÉANT 2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 731122 (GN4-2).​​​