Work Packages


There are three Work Package areas in GN4-3: 

  • WP 1-3: 
    • WP1 Project Management 
    • WP2 Marketing Communications & Events 
    • WP3 User & Stakeholder Management 
  • WP 4-8: 
    • WP4 Online Services Development and Delivery
    • WP5 Trust & Identity 
    • WP6 Network Technologies & Services Development 
    • WP7 Network Core Infrastructure & Core Service Evolution & Operations 
    • WP8 Security 
  • WP 9: 
    • WP9 Operations Support
Project governance is covered by: 
  • Cost Sharing Committee 
  • GÉANT Programme Planning Committee
  • Oversight Committee 

Management of GN4-3 is carried out via: 
  • Project Management Board - comprising all WP Leaders and subject matter expert coordinators
  • Project Management Office 
  • Product Lifecycle Management 

​The GÉANT Proj​​ect

The project is co-funded by Europe's NRENs and the EU. 


As part of the GÉANT 2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 856726 (GN4-3).