Activity structure


There are three main operational areas of work in the GÉANT Project: 

  • to build and operate the pan-European research and education network;
  • to develop and deliver a portfolio of innovative, federated services including connectivity, trust and identity, cloud, real-time collaboration and media services;
  • to undertake collaborative research programmes.

The GÉANT Project is structured ​into four functional activity groups to deliver this:  
  • Networking Activities (NAs) support the operation and management of all GN4-2 activities including project management, internal and external communications and promotion, international liaison,​ and business development.
  • Service Activities (SAs) provide the GÉANT Project services for the research and education community.
  • Joint Research Activities (JRAs) are targeted at critical analyses of future network and application technologies with a view to future deployment of emerging technologies across the network and services.

These three activity groups are split into 10 activities, as shown below​. 

​Joint Research Activities
  • (JRA1) Network Infrastructure Evolution
  • (JRA2) Network Services Development
  • (JRA3) Trust and Identity Development
  • (JRA4) Application Services Delivery Development

Service Activities
  • (​SA1) Network Infrastructure and Services Operations  
  • (SA2) Trust and Identity and Multi-Domain Services
  • (SA3) Network and Services Assurance

Network​​ing Activities
  • (​NA1) Project Management
  • (NA2) Communications and Outreach
  • (NA3) Partner, User and Stakeholder Relations

​The GÉANT Proj​​ect

The project is co-funded by Europe's NRENs and the EU. 


As part of the GÉANT 2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 731122 (GN4-2).​​​