Supporting simultaneous real-time long-distance dance performance.



Global collaboration is at the heart of arts, research and education, relying on multiple networks to link students and academics together. Ensuring consistent performance and tracking down potential issues in such a complicated multi-domain infrastructure can be difficult. In today’s data-driven world, global researchers rely on multiple networks to connect, collaborate and share information.



Networking organisations in Europe, North America and Brazil, including GÉANT, have come together to create perfSONAR, a protocol, architecture and set of tools to meet this challenge. Essentially perfSONAR works by creating standardised measurement data across all networks involved, making it simple for engineers to access consistent information and identify problems, no matter where in the overall network they are.



The power of perfSONAR MDM, the GÉANT perfSONAR service for monitoring, was demonstrated when it underpinned a successful simultaneous dance performance during the 2011 Network Performing Arts Production Workshop. This event featured dancers in Brasilia and Barcelona performing together simultaneously. Video cameras captured images and sound at each location. This was then transmitted across research and education networks and projected in real time at the other location, allowing the dancers to interact on a virtual stage as if they were all in the same place. perfSONAR MDM was used by the five research and education networks involved to test the route, monitor for potential problems and solve any issues before the performance began, leading to a successful international real-time performance.