Using advanced telemedicine systems to enable surgical training across multiple countries.



Surgical training has always relied heavily on observing operations to ensure surgeons are up to date on the latest techniques and procedures. But with the growth in specialist surgical skills, with experts located in specific hospitals across different countries, physically attending training can be difficult or impossible. This reduces the ability to share and spread best practice, meaning that patients miss out on potentially life-saving new procedures.



The TEMDEC telemedicine project is enabling remote training of surgeons by linking hospitals and surgeons together, through research and education networks such as GÉANT, allowing for greater collaboration and the sharing of high-quality specialist video training across Europe.



Previously telemedicine has been held back by poor image quality and a need for expensive equipment. The TEMDEC project, part of the Medical School of Kyushu University in Japan, successfully overcomes these issues by using research and education networks to transmit high-quality images at speeds of 30Mbps using Digital Video Transport System (DVTS) equipment that can be run from a standard PC. This quickly spreads best practice across the entire surgical community, helping surgeons learn new skills and ultimately benefiting patients.