​GÉANT and the ShanghAI Lectures

Building a global artificial intelligence community.



Artificial intelligence is both a fast moving and extremely varied topic, crossing into disciplines such as computer science, neuroscience, informatics and philosophy. The challenge is to bring together students and academics involved in artificial intelligence from across the world to create a global, cross-disciplinary community for real-time teaching and knowledge sharing.



Ensuring the seamless and cost-effective global delivery of videoconferenced lectures would be impossible through commercial internet providers. This means that the project relies on the high capacity, guaranteed bandwidth and speed of research and education networks, including that of SWITCH, the Swiss national research and education networking organisation (NREN), the GÉANT pan-European network, and 12 national and international networks across the globe. Using the power of research and education networks, the ShanghAI Lecture series enables advanced, real-time e-learning in a virtual global lecture hall, allowing students and researchers to learn and share knowledge together.



Through the close collaboration created by the ShanghAI Lectures, knowledge about cutting-edge artificial intelligence topics is now accessible to the entire global community.  Over the past three years more than 1000 participants from more than 40 universities on 5 continents have been part of the programme, driving collaboration, knowledge sharing and new ways of teaching.


​“The ShanghAI Lecture series provides a unique opportunity to study worldwide team collaboration in virtual environments. Using research and education networks has helped us in our goal to investigate how internet-based collaboration technologies and the cultural diversity of team members affect group dynamics and performance. Based on the lessons learned from this large-scale international field study, we are looking to derive guidelines on how to effectively support the work of globally distributed teams.”
Dr Béatrice Hasler, ShanghAI head of research, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel