Networked Performing Arts Production workshops

Reaching out to new user communities in the arts and humanities.


Research and education encompass many disciplines, including the arts and humanities, social sciences and cultural areas. Networked Performing Arts Production (NPAP) workshops demonstrate the use of research and education networks and of specific audio, video and lighting techniques, tools and applications to support teaching, auditions and remote performances of music, dance and theatre.


GÉANT (and formerly as TERENA) has been collaborating with Internet2 (USA), GARR and other European national research and education networks (NRENs) since 2009 to organise NPAP workshops at music and arts institutions.


These workshops help to:

  • raise awareness of the possibilities that networks and associated technologies can bring to the arts and humanities;
  • build a technical community that can support these needs;
  • provide opportunities for collaboration among institutions across NRENs, GÉANT and intercontinental research networks.


Interested in NPAP workshops?

NPAP workshops alternate between Europe and the USA. The most recent European workshop was held in London in May 2015. The most recent American workshop was held in Miami in March 2016​​.


The next workshop will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 3-5 April 2017. Details via the NPAPWS website​.

Learning materials

Various videos, presentations, links etc. from previous workshops are compiled as a set of NPAP learning materials.