Supporting nuclear fusion energy research


About 50 individual measurement systems will help to control, evaluate and optimise plasma performance in ITER and to further understanding of plasma physics. Image: ITER Organization.



'Helios' ranks as one of the top supercomputers in the world. It is part of the Broader Approach, the fusion energy partnership between Europe and Japan, and is hosted in the International Fusion Energy Research Centre (IFERC) in Rokkasho. Its mission is to produce vast data sets in this field of energy and help scientists all over the world to develop components in very challenging environments as expected in DEMO, ITER’s follow-on project.


The project needs high-capacity, reliable bandwidth to connect Helios with scientists all over the world and push forward the frontiers of knowledge.



GÉANT is providing data links to IFERC in Rokkasho, Japan. IFERC hosts the Helios supercomputer, a system with a compute power exceeding 1 PFlops and attached to a storage capacity of 50 PB.


The Helios supercomputer is provided and operated by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France, and is a Fusion for Energy (F4E) resource. GÉANT is supplying a 10Gbps (10 Gigabits per second) link to connect Helios with scientists involved in ITER and DEMO, the demonstration fusion reactor which is considered the follow-on project of ITER.



It is hoped, after the first fusion plasmas of ITER in Cadarache, France, planned for 2020 and beyond, that DEMO, an industrial demonstration fusion reactor, will lead to full-scale fusion energy reaching the commercial market in the second half of the century.


​“The combination of major new scientific projects like IFERC and the use of supercomputers like HELIOS is creating an explosion of data for which we need to be ready. The provision of a 10Gbps link is a first and crucial step to support the data networking needs in the global search for cleaner, sustainable energy and to assist scientists in their ground-breaking work.”
Roberto Sabatino
, GÉANT Business Solutions Consultant