Research communities

particle_physics_thumb_new.jpgParticle physics

Studying particle physics dramatically improves our understanding of the world. ​​


Studying outer space to help us understand the origins of the universe, the Earth and life. 

health_thumb_new.jpgHealth & medicine

Sharing medical advances is at the heart of both saving lives and developing skills and knowledge across the world. 

​​earth_thumb_new.jpgEarth observation

Gathering information on our planet's physical, chemical and biological systems. 


Working towards clean, sustainable energy sources. 

arts_thumb_new.jpgArts & education

​Enabling learning, sharing and performing across geographical distances. ​

science_thumb_new.jpgScience meets art

Illustrating the power and depth of science in more easily appreciated ways. 

particle_physics_thumb_new.jpgResearch Engagement and Support Team

GÉANT’s Research Engagement team provides a comprehensive account management service on behalf of its European NREN partners.​



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