Enabling learning, sharing and performing across geographical distances.

New digital techniques such as high-definition videoconferencing are opening up completely new ways to learn, research and perform together. Students can interact across the globe, without leaving their home university. Sharing digital information such as images of manuscripts, artefacts or paintings also enables more people to experience the arts without having to travel vast differences. Where video and audio streams are too large to be efficiently transmitted across the commercial internet, high-capacity networks, such as GÉANT, linked together across the world, are central to arts and education.


​Teaching and learning goes global with e-education and research networks.

ASTRA_thumb.jpgGÉANT and ASTRA

Reconstructing the sounds of ancient instruments.

LOLA_thumb.jpgGÉANT and LOLA

​Enabling real-time musical and performance collaboration.

perfSONAR_thumb.jpgGÉANT and perfSONAR MDM

Supporting simultaneous real-time long-distance dance performance.

ShanghAI_thumb.jpgGÉANT and the ShanghAI Lectu​res

​Building a global artificial intelligence community.

workshops_thumb.jpgNetworked Performing Arts Production workshops

​Reaching out to new user communities in the arts and humanities.

Oberta_thumb.jpgÒpera Oberta​

​Bringing opera to students across the world.