SIG-Marcomms: Marketing Communications​

Sharing and collaborating on marketing, communications and public relations.


The Special Interest Group on Marketing Communications, formerly TF-CPR, promotes collaboration between research and education networking organisations in Europe in the areas of communications, marketing and public relations.


Participants share experience, ideas and best practices on strategic planning and practical implementation of a wide range of activities, including the promotion of events and services, internal and corporate communications, reaching users and the production of materials. Joint meetings with the Global PR Network support outreach on specific areas across a wider audience.

More information

A community communications-PR wiki page contains information about future meetings, work items and the terms of reference. Older TF-CPR information is currently held on the old TERENA website.


Steering committee:
Lonneke Walk (SURFnet - chair)
Gitte Kudsk (DeIC)
Maria Ristkok (EENet-HITSA)

Secretary: Laura Durnford, GÉANT, Amsterdam office
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