SIG-PMV: Performance Monitoring and Verification

Identifying and establishing best practices for wired/wireless networks

There is a wide range of tools available for network performance monitoring and verification (PMV). Their usage varies between communities, based on their requirements, levels of knowledge, and other factors. Examples include use of open source tools such as iperf, commercial tools integrated into vendor platforms, bespoke packages such as perfSONAR, and ‘lightweight’ community initiatives such as the RIPE Atlas project. Work is also emerging in areas such as crowdsourced wireless performance monitoring.

The GÉANT Special Interest Group on Performance Monitoring and Verification (SIG-PMV) focuses on these topics from both research and operations perspectives, identifying and establishing best practices for wired/wireless (campus) networks and the networks that connect them. The group is identifying PMV approaches for a range of scenarios, to make it simpler for end-user comm​unities or network operators to ‘drop in’ appropriate solutions on demand.

The activities of SIG-PMV are complementary to those aroun eduPERT in the GÉANT (GN4-2) Project, and are open to participation by people outside that project - any interested parties from within the GÉANT community (NRENs, universities, research organisations, etc.) and international partners such as ESnet, Internet2 and user communities are welcome.

​More information​
​​​The SIG-PMV wiki contains information about the group activities and meetings.

Steering committee:

Kurt Baumann (SWITCH)

Alan Buxey (Loughborough University)

Tim Chown (Jisc)

Richard Hughes-Jones (GÉANT)

Brian Mortensen (NORDUnet)

Susanne Naegele-Jackson (DFN/FAU)

​N​ext meeting
More information coming soon.