The primary focus of GÉANT Operations is the availability and reliability of the current GÉANT network and the services it provides. The COVID-19 pandemic is not currently affecting existing network services, as the GÉANT Operations Centre has full monitoring capability (even when staff work from home), and fault rectification is outsourced and typically performed by in-country, local staff. 

At present, suppliers are confident about first line maintenance support and they will inform us of any delays in the supply chain of new equipment. Upgrades and improvements that rely on site visits by GÉANT staff are for the main part being delayed, though we will make every effort to deliver urgent and important changes using whatever resource is available, and in consultation with the affected NREN(s).


With the anticipated rise in video-conferencing services, we have seen a commensurate increase in traffic between NRENs and networks such as Zoom, Webex and Lifesize. GÉANT is investigating peerings with some providers to support this. 


Notwithstanding GÉANT Operations’ focus on the ongoing smooth running of existing services, we are endeavouring to progress the GN4-3N project, interim capacity upgrades, and support to other projects to the best of our abilities. Whilst no doubt there will be some impact every effort will be made to minimise this.

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